Tino’s is a great place for your party, we even have spcial tables set aside, and for the number of guests you need, so head over to our reservations section to make your booking.  If there are any special requirements, drop us a line or come in to discuss.  Remember, if you are a gold member, you get priority access to the tables you like.

Lounge Area

arranged as 12 x 2 seats in blocks of 4 with a low table, and situated at the front of the venue, so great for 4 or 6 people within your own area, these are great poser seats for watching the world.

Party Tables

Each side of the dance floor we have a set of tables that can be arranged from 4 to 20 people on each, great location for those that like music and wish to dance as the night does on.

Side tables

8 tables with capacity for 4 on each, so small celebrations in a big venue.

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